St Paul's Labyrinth Dedicated October 23rd 2011

St. Paul's may be walked from dawn to dusk each day.

After years of planning and preparation, the labyrinth bricks were gently placed on the space prepared for them.

It tok hard work to prepare the site. The crew removed the boulders hiding beneath the beneath the grass - as if tthe crew was pulling molars out of a dinosaur's jaw! They had not been moved since glaciers formed the islands. Next a foundation of sand and gravel created a bed for the bricks.

The dedication and placement of the final brick took
place in October 2011. This was a joyful event in spite
 of the light rain. In spring of 2012 a border created
 from stones removed to dreate the space for the
labyrinh was added. Landscaping to enhance this
sacred space will occur in phases over the next
few years.

St Paul's listing on the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator

2011 labyrinth view Oct 26 small