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1915, Jun - The Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial is opened to the public. St Paul's clergy join others in a service of internment, placing remains of sailors within the memorial.

1933 -- 1970’ A summer camp on South Bass Island for Episcopal and Anglican choristers. Named Wa-Li-Ro after Ohio Episcopal Bishop Walter Lincoln Rodgers, Thousands of boys participated in the camp that honed their skills as choisters. Their choir practice took place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Mrs. Sophia Gebeau, (Mrs. G,) was the cook and housekeeper for Wa-Li-Ro for over 25 years. Her name appears in St Paul's membership records..

1959 – current rectory called "The Hartman House" was built, using lots of volunteer labor from the congregation. It replacing an earlier rectory built in 1865. The rectory was built thanks to a large contribution by Marylib Hartmen.

196x - Front steps were removed and replaced

1976 - The parish purchased and began using the "new" Book of Commpn Prayer (the vesrion still in use today)

197x - Another cycle of steeple repairs were conpleted

1982 - An office was added next to the rectory garage

1994 - A lift was added to the church making it accessable to all

2011 - Steeple repairs and renovation completed.

2011 - Laybrinth placed on front lawn. It was dedicated on October 23 2011.


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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Vision Statement

Our mission is to welcome all people, encourage Christian growth, and proclaim the Gospel by word and deed.

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